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What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that is mined in a number of places around the world. It is strong enough to resist high temperatures, chemical attack and wear. A poor conductor, it insulates well against heat and electricity. Asbestos crystals become long, flexible, silky fibres, so it can be made into a wide variety of forms. This combination of properties gives asbestos performance capabilities that are difficult to match. As a result, asbestos has been used in hundreds of applications and products.


Should I be concerned about asbestos
in my home?

If your home was constructed or renovated before or up to the mid 1980’s there is a good possibility that building materials used in your home contain asbestos. Asbestos can be found in many products around the house. It has been used in clapboard; shingles and felt for roofing; exterior siding; pipe and boiler coverings; compounds and cement, such as caulk, putty, roof patching, furnace cement and driveway coating; wallboard; textured and latex paints; acoustical ceiling tiles and plaster; vinyl floor tiles; appliance wiring; hair dryers; irons and ironing board pads; flame-resistant aprons and electric blankets; and clay pottery. Loose-fill vermiculite insulation may also contain traces of “amphibole” asbestos.

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Training and experience of on-site personnel reduces the risk of cross-contamination and / or expensive re-work.

The most up to date technologies and equipment are utilized to ensure a cost effective and timely abatement / remediation.

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The best thing to do is to leave asbestos-containing material that is in good condition alone.

If unsure whether or not the material contains asbestos, hire a professional to sample and test the material for you. Before you do any remodelling on your house, you should find out whether asbestos-containing materials are present. If asbestos-containing material is becoming damaged or deteriorating (i.e., unraveling, frayed, breaking apart) you should immediately isolate the area (keep pets and children away from the area) and refrain from disturbing the material (either by touching it or walking on it). Contact an asbestos professional for consultation.